Milo Yiannopoulos BLASTS The Left For Putting Islam Over The Lives Of Gay People

Miss CJ

Why is it that it takes a gay man from England to call out American progressives for their doublespeak regarding Islam and LGBT people?

Milo Yiannopoulos spoke outside a church near the Pulse nightclub in Orlando (his speech was originally scheduled to take place at University of Central Florida yesterday, but UCF said they weren’t able to guarantee safety and security for the event. Surprise, surprise). His topic was how gays are treated by Islam – not just radical Islamists, but mainstream Islam – and he did NOT hold back.

Here’s the whole event at it was streamed on YouTube – Milo’s speech, a short appearance from Gavin McInnes (including Gavin HILARIOUSLY planting a smooch on Milo), plus a Q&A from the audience. You’ll have to jump to about the 11:50 mark for the actual start of the event (ah – the joys of posting YouTube streaming videos after the fact). And if you don’t have time for the whole thing (you’ll want to watch it later, trust me), I’ll summarize his remarks below the video –

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Basically, he points how how Islam has taken over Europe – particularly in Britain and Germany – and how he doesn’t want that to happen to America. He brought up statistics about how 100% of British Muslims do not find homosexuality acceptable and that a significant portion of those Muslims think that the gay lifestyle should be outlawed. He called out liberals like Sally Kohn for equivocating Christians protesting same-sex marriage with Muslims who kill gay people and said that was patently ridiculous and offensive (and Milo doesn’t say “offensive” very much).

Milo also pointed out that it’s because of America’s principles of free speech and freedom that gay people are allowed to live their lives in peace in America. Even if we don’t all agree with it, we all do agree that everyone has the right to live their life as they see fit. And that equating a crazed Islamic gun man killing gay people in a nightclub with Christian bakers declining to bake a wedding cake is complete nonsense.

My favorite bit? When he points to the flag behind him – a gay pride flag with “Don’t Tread On Me” – and he says “This should say ‘Fire Back!'” (Which many LGBT people are doing, with the help of gun enthusiasts)

He pointed out how America is the most friendly to gay people and anyone who’s been oppressed throughout the world and that it’s our Christian values that make us so. I can’t tell the story as well as he does (so do listen to his speech when you get a moment), but he talked about an instance of the Catholic Church housing displaced gays in their families and communities back in the 1950s when no one else would help them. And it was because their values were focused on the First Great Commandment (“Love God, love thy neighbor as thyself”) when people were in need, rather than quibbling about points of doctrine.

I’ve been following Milo’s “Dangerous Faggot Tour” since it started and he’s been deliberately outrageous throughout all of it. That’s just his style – to be provocative while he’s making his point. But I have NEVER seen him this fired-up about a topic as he is here. The shooting in Orlando has motivated Milo to speak out against the left and Islam and every other social justice side that’s tried to silence him like there’s no tomorrow (and, quite possibly, he may feel that could be the case).

I repeat what I said at the beginning (echoing Gavin McInnes) – why does it take a gay man from England (and an immigrant from Canada) to come tell America what a pretty sweet deal we have and that we NEED to take care of it, because nobody else is going to do it? Why don’t we understand thing ourselves? Don’t get me wrong – I am DELIGHTED that guys like Milo and Gavin are here and speaking out. I just wish more Americans got it as fervently as we do.