Co-Founder Of Home Depot Endorses Donald Trump

Hannah Bleau

Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of The Home Depot, wrote a piece for Real Clear Politics, explaining his decision to support Donald Trump.

Just for the record, Marcus wasn’t some Trump fanboy from the beginning. He actually backed Jeb! Bush.

His reason for supporting Trump is fairly straightforward.

“The fate of this nation depends upon sending him, and not Hillary Clinton, to the White House,” he wrote.

“Like many, I am deeply concerned about the US Supreme Court. When Trump recently released his list of potential appointees, I grew confident in his resolve to keep our court balanced. Even more important: Clinton will push the court leftward for generations. She must be stopped,” he added.

It wasn’t really his endorsement that caught my attention, but what he said from a common sense business standpoint.

But I draw even more from lessons learned when we founded The Home Depot in 1978 rather than from the contentious GOP primary of 2016. I genuinely believe that if we to started The Home Depot today, we would fail because of the hurdles government, especially the current administration, places in front of small business owners.  I never forget The Home Depot’s small business roots – we started as a small business with four stores in Atlanta, Georgia.


I think of the banker who nearly lost his job by taking a risk and giving us a line of credit when we started. He didn’t just look at our balance sheet; he believed in our character and determination. Government regulators don’t allow this under Dodd-Frank – a law Hillary Clinton wants to make far worse.

“If we to started The Home Depot today, we would fail because of the hurdles government.”

That’s crazy. Does Hillary Clinton know that? Does she realize big government hurts businesses– big and small? I’m assuming she does, since she “actually talk[s] and listen[s] to people” so often.

Yet the risks we took in the 1970s have resulted in millions of jobs – not just at The Home Depot, but at our suppliers, our vendors, and even our customers’ businesses. Investors believed in us, and the government did not stop us.


We could not do this today, for the same reason why so many Americans have dropped out of the workforce, why their wages have been stagnant, why their health care is a mess, and why our economy has stalled. It’s Obama/Clinton-style government that’s getting in the way.


I have never seen our government as hostile to free enterprise, especially small business, as it is today. It is driving over-regulation, over-taxation, over-litigation, and over-spending. These “overs” are killing small businesses, which create the majority of new jobs in America.


Politicians like Obama and Clinton, aided by the media and academia, have peddled a dangerous sentiment that government can provide for Americans better than the private sector. That’s not just false, it’s likely the nexus of Trump’s massively popular slogan, “Make America Great Again.” We saw it first hand.

Marcus briefly mentioned that the majority of early Home Depot employees weren’t college educated. They just worked hard. One man started working for the company as a teenager. He worked what many would consider a minimum wage worthy job, rounding up carts in a store parking lot. He was persistent. He kept at it and eventually moved up and became a regional president. Boom. Cart boy became a millionaire.

Government didn’t do that.

What makes America great? Risk, preparation, hard work, and a young man’s willingness to shag carts from a parking lot because he has faith that he and his family can be great.


Donald Trump is right: To inspire more of these men and women, we must make America great again. Record-breaking numbers of Republican primary voters agree. They overwhelmingly want Donald Trump to lead this sea change, and we believe he can. But he needs to stand on our shoulders; he cannot do it alone.

Which brings him to the #NeverTrump people.

Make no mistake, Republicans who refuse to stand behind their party’s nominee are electing Clinton, whether they cast their ballots for her or not. I have a message for the #NeverTrump crowd: Enough already. Donald Trump is our presumptive nominee and it is time to get over wishing it were not so. If you don’t, change your social media hashtag to #HillaryGOP.


As a GOP donor who stood steadfastly behind Jeb Bush – and who has contributed to candidates for a generation – I urge all Republicans to stand up and be counted in support for Donald Trump.

He’s right. It’s Trump or Hillary. And if you think for ONE SECOND that she’s a better alternative, you’re high.

PS- Home Depot should totally team up with the Trump Administration to provide the materials for our big beautiful wall.