Norway To Pass A Bill Which Would Allow An Individual To Change Gender By Filling Out A Form, And That’s It

Hannah Bleau

Norway’s Parliament is expected to pass a bill which would allow individuals to legally change their gender by simply filling out a form.

Anyone seeking to change his or her gender will be able to do so with the stroke of a pen. No doctor. No psychiatric evaluation. No guidance. No counsel. No evidence of a transition.

An actual diagnosis of a gender identity disorder? Pffffffft. Screw that.

The bill “is historic because it is now the individual and not the health services that decide when he or she has changed legal gender,” Health Minister Bent Høie said when the proposal was unveiled in March.

This is the pinnacle of progress. Almost every other country in Europe requires a doctor to formally diagnose an individual with a gender identity disorder. Which is like, so archaic. Don’t they know? You can’t slap a label on feeeeeeeeeelings.

BuzzFeed even admits that this is all part of “a broader push by transgender advocates to bring an end to treating transgender as a mental disorder.”

“Trans people are not sick, and other countries should follow by removing trans identities from their mental health diagnostic manuals,” Transgender Europe Health Officer Adam Smiley said in a statement applauding the decision.

Even though– by some estimates– 41 percent of transgenders have attempted to commit suicide at one point or another (compared to 4.6 percent of the overall U.S. population). Progressives are more than willing to blame that on societal ridicule instead of an underlying mental issue.

The LGBT mafia is desperate to disassociate gender dysphoria from the state of an individual’s mental health, but it has EVERYTHING to do with it. It absolutely IS a mental disorder, and these people need to be treated- not handed a skirt and lipstick.

That’s what this is really about. “Destigmatizing.” Normalizing abnormal behaviors. Soon, individuals will be able to “change” their gender with the stroke of a pen, no questions asked.