They’ve Remade Ghostbusters With An All-Woman Cast. Because Hollywood Has Run Out Of Original Ideas.

Daisy, Co-Founder

Have you ever noticed that Hollywood doesn’t have any originality anymore?  It’s like they’ve run out of ideas, so they’ve just started doing remakes of all the old, good movies.  And then (at least for me, anyway) they ruin them for those of us that really loved those older, good movies.

I’m not sure why they had to go and do a remake of Annie, so I went ahead and watched it one night in my hospital room after I had my spinal fusion last November, and I realized that it was basically the newer, blacker version of the old Annie.  While I do love Jamie Foxx, I don’t think that a black version of Annie was necessary.  Nor was a black version of Steel Magnolias necessary, either.  Does this mean that white people can look forward to a caucasian version of How Stella Got Her Groove Back?

Because Lord help me, no.  I loved that movie just the way it was.

Oceans Eleven was alright, I guess.  At least there were a lot of hot dudes to look at, but Twelve and Thirteen were just embarrassing.

Point Break was the point where I started losing my sh*t, you guys.  Because shame on you, Hollywood.  Shame. On. You.  I’m pretty certain that Patrick Swayze rolled over in his grave.  God rest his soul.  And if they try to redo Roadhouse, it’s SO ON.

How many freaking Batmans and Spidermans do we need to have?  It’s like every single actor in Hollyweird has been Batman and/or Spiderman at this point.  When Ben Affleck becomes Batman, I’m out.

That brings me to Ghostbusters.  It’s being redone now.  Yep.  But because everything is sexist and racist and all needs to be equal and diverse and whatnot these days, it’s an all-woman cast.

Because of course it is.

Melissa McCarthy is in it, because if you have a funny movie that requires a woman, she’s obviously going to be in it.  As is Kristin Wiig.

I’ll let y’all decide if you’re going to see it, but I’m going to wait until it’s out on Netflix.  I’m not wasting gas to drive to the theater for this one.


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