Playboy’s Guide For Voters Is My New Favorite Thing!

Miss CJ

Yes, this is from Playboy. No, there are no nudie pictures involved (I’m sorry if you’re disappointed by this). Yes, they are poking fun at the oh-so-serious topic of electing the next president (as well as senators and congresspeople and governors and mayors and county pothole inspectors). And, yes, there is salty language involved here. Because libertarians are wonderfully salty people.

If you’re good with all of that, then read on and enjoy a few laughs –

voters guide 1

voters guide 2

voters guide 3

The most surprising thing about this? How much they make fun of the Democrats’ obsession with being pro-choice. I thought that was off limits. But I’m sure there’s some militant feminist somewhere whining about it. In fact, I hope there is. That’ll make this even MORE hilarious.