Woman Turns Tables On Serial Pervert In Target

Miss CJ

This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Target and their idiotic gender neutral bathroom policy – but perverts like this creep are certainly emboldened by such things.

A woman named Candice Spivey filmed this man, Jeffrey Polizzi, asking her a question about shaving her private areas while she was shopping in the swimsuit section at a Target store in Florida. Thing is, she’d been approached by Polizzi before and she recognized him. So she got her phone out to record him and this is what happened –

And according to this, Spivey isn’t the only one Polizzi has targeted (no pun intended). Other women in the Jacksonville area commented on Spivey’s Facebook post of the video and said that he’d cornered them at other stores and started asking them all kinds of inappropriate questions –

The video, posted on her Facebook, has been shared nearly 10,000 times and Spivey said the response has been overwhelming.

“I’ve gotten many many, many messages, comments from women who have been approached by the same guy,” Spivey said.

Like one comment on the video: “This was the same guy who came up to me at CVS,” or “He did this to me at Publix as well.”

“I was worried about him approaching minors and young girls who he could easily manipulate,” Spivey said.

The sourcelink mentions that Polizzi has been convicted of video voyeurism in 2009 – and clearly he’s still perving on women in stores. I’m not surprised that he was caught in Target. Goodness knows what his next stop would have been had Spivey not chased him out of the store.

Tell me again how creepers aren’t going to go after women and girls in the bathroom. Shoot, they’re doing it out in the open!

(h/t Rare)