Progressives Thrilled Over New ‘Ungendered’ Clothing Line

Hannah Bleau

Attention townspeople: Progressives have once again brought an amazing development to the civilized world: Unisex clothing.

“But wait,” you say. “Don’t we already have unisex clothing items? Haven’t you ever tried on a Hanes t-shirt?”

Yes. But that doesn’t count, because progressives say so.

Zara, however, gets it. They’re hip and cool and with it. (If you’ve never heard of them, welcome to the club.) Zara’s launching a brand spankin’ new “ungendered” clothing line. Presumably because we have an influx of men and women who no longer want to conform to a particular gender and find it insulting that most clothing companies organize clothes according to gender.

It’s way too exclusive. And sexist. Plus, patriarchy.

Check out some of these “ungendered” items.

We have unisex jeans.


And unisex sweat pants.


And unisex hoodies. (I thought all hoodies were basically unisex?)


And unisex…whatever this is.


Ladies. Don’t act like you’re not dying to purchase that incredibly trendy outfit.

All jokes aside, I don’t get it. This isn’t new or groundbreaking. Unisex clothing has been around forever. They can call it “ungendered” all they want, but it’s mostly clothes only men would want to wear. Sure, some women would wear these pieces as “around the house” clothes, but not in public.

Fellow Bustle writer Meg Zulch has talked about the importance of being able to express their gender fluidity through their fashion choices, saying, “Fashion has always been an exciting way for me to express who I am. Choosing clothing that reflects my gender fluidity and wearing things that may break the gender binary or the gender norms as assigned to me at birth is nothing short of liberating, especially after being closeted for so long.”

Liberating. These ugly baggy clothes are liberating.

While brands typically leave no other option for non-binary individuals than to shop from each gender divided section, Zara’s newest effort helps break down the idea that there are only two genders — and will hopefully encourage more mainstream brands to do the same.

Another effort by the progressives to blur the lines between men and women. They don’t want to recognize the difference anymore. They want us all to be the *same.

*but still recognize that we have around 58 gender options

What do they want us to be? The same? Different?  We simply cannot win.