Poll Shows Majority Of Women Reject Feminism. The World Suddenly Looks So Much Better.

Miss CJ

Oh, man – I needed something to cheer me up this morning. And this might have done the trick.

According to a new poll from YouGov.com, the majority of women reject the label of “feminist,” saying that feminism is “too extreme” and that feminists are “anti-men”.

feminist poll 1

feminist poll 2

The survey said that 32 percent of women call themselves feminists, but 45 percent don’t. Overall, 53 percent of the country say they are not feminists.


The poll analysis said, “The youngest Americans under the age of 30 (30 percent) are only slightly more likely than over-65s (27 percent) to say that they are feminists, but they are noticeably less likely to outright reject the label of feminist (44 percent to 62 percent).”


The leading reason why women reject the label is because they see feminists as too-extreme, 47 percent, and 7 percent agreed that “feminists are anti-men.”

Ladies of America – you have made me proud to be a woman. Not that I wasn’t already, but when you have hosebeasts like Lena Dunham and Cecile Richards and Hillary Clinton propping themselves up as shining examples of modern womanhood and the media telling us all that’s who we females should aspire to be like… yeah, it makes me embarrassed that I’m the same biological gender as these… women (luckily, that’s the ONLY thing I have in common with any of them).

In a world where feminists have convinced so many women that they are born victims and there’s nothing else to do except scream and cry about being a victim, it’s heartening to see how many women have soundly rejected that notion and told feminism where to stick it. This makes me so happy!