Now We’ve Got Comedy Central Deciding If Ted Cruz And Marco Rubio Are ‘Latino Enough’

Miss CJ

I feel dumber for having watched this –

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This is why I will NEVER understand liberals. And, quite frankly, I don’t want to. Who gets to decide if you’re “Latino enough”? Or “Black enough”? Or “Woman enough”? Who appoints the council that determines if you get to actually claim the race or culture or gender you were born as? ‘Cause if it’s Comedy Central who gets to decide, then we’re ALL in trouble.

And here’s the most stupid thing about saying “Oh, you’re not Latino enough.” Do these braindead morons even understand how many countries and cultures “Latino” covers? Everywhere from Mexico down to the tip of Argentina, plus islands in the Caribbean and then out into Spain and Portugal, which are on an ENTIRELY different continent! Yes, people of Portuguese descent are considered Latino – Brazil counts.

So, basically, you’re going to lump people from over 20 countries who speak all different dialects of Spanish and Portuguese and all have different cultures and say “You all have to act a certain way so we know whether you’re actually part of this certain group. We’ve got to pander to you all as a whole demographic – so the Peruvian-Americans and the Mexican-Americans and the Cuban-Americans and the Brazilian-Americans TOTALLY have to be the same, ‘kay guys?”

If I were Latino, I’d tell liberals to go do something to themselves that’s anatomically impossible.

Here’s an idea: How about we all claim American as our heritage and culture? How about, instead of dividing ourselves by racial and gender and class lines (and all those other categories that liberals are so fond of pandering to), we all talk about American issues. Like, how the crappy economy affects EVERYONE’S ability to get a job? Or the insane costs of tuition that keep going up for no logical reason that make it difficult for EVERYONE who wants to go to college? Or the obscene government regulations that impacts EVERYONE who’s trying to start a business? Or the issues of personal privacy that affect EVERYONE who does anything online?

See? When you look at the big picture issues, nothing that actually matters is limited to one subset of Americans. But no – liberalism thinks small and puts people in their approved categories. If you’re Latino, you’re not allowed to talk about anything other than Latino issues. If you’re black, you’re not allowed to talk about anything other than black issues. If you’re a woman, you’re not allowed to talk about anything but women’s issues. Forget taxes and the economy and national security. Liberalism says you’re not smart enough for anything else.

Remember that aforementioned anatomically impossible act I was referring to earlier, liberals? Go do that.

(h/t Daily Caller)

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