Dear Bernie Supporters – This Is EXACTLY How Stupid You All Sound

Miss CJ

I wonder if Judge Judy could do a special election year series of episodes where she has a bunch of Bernie Sanders supporters come up in front of her and explain why they deserve someone else’s money.

I’d imagine every episode would go something like this –

[iframe id=””]

“She had the money to give me.” Wow.

Isn’t that the rallying cry of every Bernout that you’ve ever heard? Someone else has more money than I do, therefore they should give it to me?

Nope. They shouldn’t. And for the exact reasons that Judge Judy laid out here – you make certain lifestyle choices, and that means that you also get the consequences of those choices, good or bad. Some people choose to have more kids, some fewer. Some work full-time, some work part-time. Some – for whatever reason – choose not to work at all. Some drive super-nice cars, some have super-nice houses, some take super-nice vacations, some have super-nice TVs or computers. Some don’t have any of that and they save their money for something else.

But that’s the point – it’s THEIR life. THEY get to choose how they live it. They shouldn’t be punished for success, just because someone else has an entitlement mentality and thinks they’re deserving of someone else’s money.

Good grief – I actually have to EXPLAIN this??