Oh Look! ANOTHER Conservative’s Been Twitter-Banned For No Apparent Reason!

Miss CJ

We’ve mentioned before how Twitter’s compiled a “Trust and Safety Council” made up of the most vehemently left-wing social justice nutcases (GLAAD, Feminist Frequency, the Wahid Institute – an Islamic research center that makes CAIR look like a bunch of cuddly bunny rabbits). The publicly stated purpose of the council was basically to make Twitter a “safe space” – at least, “safe” as defined by the Cult of Social Justice who thinks “safe” means that nobody ever raises an opinion contrary to theirs. EVER. So, this “Safety Council” is nothing more than another club leftists can use to beat down and censor conservative thought on the Internet. Because – yay free speech! (Which progressives translate to “Death to free speech!”)

Last night, conservative writer Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) was banned from Twitter with no explanation. No reason or specific complaint. Just – nope. We don’t like you, so you’re gone. And his ban stands as of Saturday morning –

What’s more, when people started complaining about McCain’s suspension using the hashtag #FreeStacy, the hashtag trended for a little while but then it suddenly disappeared. To the point where Twitter wouldn’t even auto-complete it like it does with other trending hashtags –

If you’re even vaguely aware of “The Other McCain,” he’s definitely one of the more snarky conservative pundits out there, but he’s hardly the most offensive or abusive person on Twitter. Unless you feel offended or abused by someone stating cold, hard facts when you voice an opinion that is patently false, that is. So, I guess in the insane mind of a Social Justice Cultist, McCain is a bully of the highest degree and must be punished. But to people with Actual Brains who aren’t shackled to the deranged social justice mentality, nothing McCain has tweeted merits a full-on ban, nor is his suspension worth covering up, like Twitter seems to be doing.

I’m going to repeat myself here because I know there’s going to be some nasally know-it-all come up and say “Twitter’s a private company – they can do whatever they like!” Twitter’s brand is built around freedom of speech and expression. They have advertised themselves as a place where you can create an account and connect with people who have interests similar to yours and talk about those things. Whether that’s politics or books or geek culture or knitting or whatever. And, like most Internet outlets billing themselves as a place where free speech can grow and thrive, conservatives took to Twitter like ducks to water. Which, apparently, scares the left to death. And rather than debate honestly and present their viewpoints in an equal forum, leftists would rather bully and silence conservatives using whatever loopholes are at their disposal. Obviously, Twitter complicit in this, seeing as they’d rather destroy their own brand and break promises to their loyal users, instead of standing up for the principle of free speech that their platform was meant to enhance – regardless of the political view of those who are benefiting from it.

I like how Peter Ingemi at DaTechGuy blog said it (and not just because he used a clip from a Doctor Who episode to make his point – but it certainly doesn’t hurt) –

But I submit and suggest to twitter & their investors that the way to success is not to alienate half of your potential customer base particularly in an election year, furthermore as anyone who knows anything about tech can tell you today’s popular site can become tomorrow’s AOL & Compuserve in a heartbeat.


I would also remind our friends on the left who might be celebrating that trends tend to ebb and flow and the day may come when you might find yourself silenced by the heavy hand of government or industry. Perhaps you might be counting on us on the right to aid you due to our principles despite your silence or celebration today. I’ll let Amy Pond answer that one:

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/M7Kn3NFodbg”]

Bottom Line: Conservatives are sick of being silenced. And now that we have the means to get around the gatekeepers in the media, we sure as heck won’t go quietly – no matter how many tantrums the social justice crybullies throw.