Pro-Life Pagans And Atheists Prove That The Abortion Fight Is Not Just For Christians

Miss CJ

Hey, if these people are serious about helping to end abortion, they can worship the Great Spaghetti Monster for all I care.

We most often hear from pro-lifers whose pro-life views are based in Judeo-Christian beliefs. Typically, we see the debate characterized by Christian vs. secular non-Christian opinions. Somehow, that’s just how the debate has turned out.

But there is another side to this that I think is fascinating and quite cool. And that is the pro-life pagans and atheists.

Yup. You read that right. People whose beliefs so often seem to be the complete opposite of Christianity are supporting the fight against abortion. According to this, a March for Life that took place in Texas last month included not only Christian groups participating in the event, but also groups such as Pro-Life Pagans –

Texas Young Republicans tweeted this great photo of Pro-Life Pagans. Love to see the movement becoming inclusive. We need everyone to create a culture of Life!

Posted by Pro-Life Texas on Saturday, January 23, 2016

From the article –

Tarquis Stargift Thomas, a nursing student at Lone Star College-North Harris, became a minor pro-life celebrity when the Texas Young Republican Federation tweeted out her photo at the Texas Rally for Life along with a Catholic group.


The photo of Thomas got picked up by Pro-Life Texas, where Thomas and other pro-life pagans found it. “Science proves we are all created equal in the same matter,” she wrote. “Oh Goddess thank you. I hope that our courage will awaken other fellow pagans to do the right thing and see that abortion truly harms women,” with the hashtag #prolifemovementinclusive.

Don’t know why I didn’t think about this before, but it makes sense. As I understand Pagan beliefs (and I could be getting some of the details wrong here, so bear that in mind), it’s a female-centric belief system that is concerned with celebrating women and their life-giving qualities. So… yeah. I can see where Pro-Life Pagans would be a thing.

The College Fix also highlighted an atheist group called Secular Pro-Life, which was founded by a University of Virginia alumna, Kelsey Hazzard. There is a 53 minute video presentation from the group called “Pro-Life Without God” that I only had time to watch a few minutes of, but what I did see was great and I’m going to try to find some time this weekend to watch the whole thing –

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And there’s even a FEMINIST pro-life group, if you can believe it. That might be the most remarkable thing here, considering how often feminists scream that abortion is a woman’s right and how dare men try to take that away! (Forget about all the pro-life women against abortion.) But the New Wave Feminists have joined other pro-life groups to speak out against abortion –


The group, whose motto is “Badass. Prolife. Feminists,” has spoken at several Students for Life and Pro-Life Texas events.


“New Wave Feminists use humor to deconstruct the pro-abortion ties of the feminist movement,” SFL’s Hernandez said. “They show that true feminism is coming out from under the patriarchal construct of abortion that enslaves women, and that you can do it with a laugh.”

So yeah – fighting against abortion isn’t just a Christian thing. There are lots of people with all kinds of different personal belief systems that believe life begins at conception. While I am very much rooted in my own Christian beliefs and those inform my hardline stance than abortion is wrong, it does my heart good to see people that I might disagree with on religious viewpoints share my pro-life views.