John Kerry All Set To Deploy His SUPER SECRET Weapon Against ISIS. And It’s… Hollywood…

Miss CJ

There are not enough *facepalms* in the world.

According to this, John “I Served In Vietnam” Kerry is turning to the foreign policy GENIUSES in Hollywood (well, many of them adopted kids from other countries, so I guess it counts) to help counter the ISIS message in the Middle East. Bombing and killing these monsters? Pfffft… that’s so 2003. Making movies telling Muslims how bad ISIS is – now that’s REALLY going to change their minds –

The meeting was held at Universal Studios, and lasted about 90 minutes.


One attendee who was there said that the executives also exchanged ideas and observations about studio worldwide marketing of movies and TV shows, a way of showing how narrative storytelling can cross cultures. The attendee described part of the gathering as a “brainstorming session,” including how to involve storytellers in regions afflicted or threatened by ISIS, as a way to counter the narratives promulgated by the terrorist organization. “Let’s figure out how to involve people who are there,” the attendee said.

THAT is your strategy? Seriously? Why not just drop daisies from an F15? Maybe some love notes telling them that Hollywood totally sympathizes with ISIS’s victims (just as long as they don’t have to leave the greater Los Angeles area)? Maybe a hashtag?

Does this mean that next year’s Super Bowl halftime show will feature Beyonce dancing around ISIS rape victims? She could TOTALLY reuse that dumb-looking bullet bandolier. I can’t WAIT to see what super-awesome blockbuster movie that depicts Islamists chucking gay people off buildings.

Or, you know, it’ll be just another “We love Muslims, please don’t kill us” liberal pants-wetting that will do nothing but empower ISIS even further. Great strategy there, Mr. Secretary.

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