One Democratic Presidential Campaign Has Started Taking Taxpayer Money To Stay In The Race

Miss CJ

Well, Democrats believe in welfare and equal outcomes, so this makes perfect sense (in a weird, liberal-logic kind of way).

According to this, Martin O’Malley (you know – that glorified potted plant that stands next to Hillary and Bernie at the #DemDebates) had to apply for what amounts to federal assistance to keep his presidential campaign afloat. Because what the Democrat Party needs is one more boring white guy running for president –

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s campaign will receive $846,365.09 in federal matching funds for his 2016 Democratic nomination, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) announced Friday.


This was O’Malley’s first regular request for matching funds. He received an initial $100,000 in January after being declared eligible for federal money in November. He was the first candidate to apply for funds and be declared eligible. To be eligible one must raise $5,000 in twenty separate states.


The FEC sent a request on Jan. 20 for the Treasury to transfer funds to O’Malley’s campaign. The taxpayer money matches contributions of $250 and below from individuals dollar for dollar.

Pretty much means you and I are paying to keep Loser McLoserson in the race for the Democratic nomination for president (here’s a clue, dude – if you have to apply for government assistance in order to run for president, that’s probably a clear indicator that you should get out of the race. Like, yesterday).

Maybe not as infuriating as $43 million of taxpayer money going to build a gas station in Kabul, but ridiculous nonetheless.

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