Salon Would Like You To Stop Sharing Racist Memes, FYI

Hannah Bleau

I can’t remember a world without hilarious memes. What was it like? Super boring? I bet it was.

The fun police over at Salon would like the world to revert back to a state of total bore. These memes– they’re just mean. Especially memes that feature black people. It’s completely racist and inconsiderate. Why are we exploiting them and using “working-class and poor people of color as entertainment?” Why? We’re perpetuating “harmful and racist stereotypes.”

Will the memeification and autotuning of poor and working-class people of color ever end?

Posted by Salon on Friday, January 15, 2016

It’s not like we randomly searched out “poor people of color” and decided to make fun of them. They were caught on video, gave hilarious interviews and the videos went viral.

I mean, these videos are begging to be “meme-ified.”

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Side note: Not only do these viral stars gain temporary fame, some also experience major financial gains, which helps them get out of their sticky situations. And isn’t that a good thing?

In a recent interview, Dodson sits with a gold and platinum record displayed on his wall; a testament to his popularity. Now, he isn’t raking in the dough — only puts him at $50,000 — but it’s clear that he isn’t living in the same rundown apartments he was outside of in the video. Plus, he has since done voiceover work for the Cartoon Network. Not a bad jumpstart to a future by anyone’s account.

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I’m curious. Are the cockroaches over at Salon aware of the many hilarious white people memes floating around? What about Bad Luck Brian? Why don’t they care about his feelings?


Or aliens guy?


Or the “wat” lady?



Or Nicolas Cage?


Come on, Salon. Stick to what you know. Get back to normalizing pedophilia and blaming terrorists attacks on Western culture.

h/t Truth Revolt