‘Masturbation Booth’ Pops Up In NYC, Yes Really

Hannah Bleau

I don’t want to accept this as real. I refuse. 

According to that sourcelink, New York City now has what some are calling a “Masturbation Station” or “GuyFi” booth. It’s a convenient place where men can go and “relieve stress.”

The sex toy company, Hot Octopuss, placed the booth on 28th Street and 5th Avenue, so if you’re visiting the city anytime soon, avoid that area. Because ew.

The “GuyFi” station is basically like a phone booth, providing men with a chair, laptop and convenient little curtain for privacy.

Hot Octopuss was inspired by a Time Out survey, which concluded that 39% of the New York men it questioned admitted to masturbating while at work. A more expansive Glamour survey of 1,000 men in 2012 suggested 31% of its readers have done so.


Hot Octopuss created the booth so men can “take this habit out of the office and into a more suitable environment designed to give the busy Manhattan man the privacy, and the high-speed Internet connection, he deserves.”

However, a representative told Mashable that they’re not encouraging men to masturbate in public, because that would obviously be a public offense and it’s totally disgusting and inappropriate and they would never condone such behavior. So don’t do it. They mean it. *Wink wink*

“We may be insinuating that these booths could be used in whichever way anyone would like to ‘self soothe,'” a representative tells Mashable, “but the brand is not actively encouraging people to masturbate in public as that is an illegal offense.”

About 100 men used the booth on the first day. Apparently, it’s wildly successful, and Hot Octopuss can’t wait to put more stations up around Manhattan.