John Kerry Thanks Iran For Sending Back The U.S. Sailors They Captured In The First Place

Miss CJ

I would ask if we’ve ever had a worse Secretary of State – but then I remember that Hillary Clinton had that job.

According to this, John “I Served In Vietnam” Kerry went out of his way to thank Iran for releasing a group of Americans sailors that they had captured just hours before the State of the Union address during which Barack Obama said this –

Yup. That happened.

Oh, by the way, the sailors’ Iranian captors went to the trouble of photographing their prisoners for use in their state-run media (yeah, THAT’S not going to be a problem for us later on) –


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sailors 1

And there’s video to go along with the pictures too (oh joy) –

Well isn’t that nice of them. Now they have pictures of Iranians capturing and humiliating members of our military. I’m sure that’ll go great with that framed nuclear treaty Iran’s leaders have hanging on the wall.

(Oh please – Iran’s probably using that treaty for toilet paper in their outhouse).

Kerry also went so far as to apologize for whatever bad things the sailors were purported to have done, even though U.S. officials have yet to corroborate that story from the Iranians. But that’s a typical liberal for you – just assume that whatever offenses other countries say Americans have committed actually happened without substantial proof or credible witness accounts. Because America=Evil. All. The. Freaking. Time.

I wasn’t alive in 1979-1980 – but from what I’ve heard about that time period, this sure feels like a repeat of the end of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. More’s the pity.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

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