Abortion Activists Are Mad That Ohio Legislators Actually Want To Treat Dead Children With Dignity

Miss CJ

Another day, another story of pro-abortion nuts degrading human life. Wonder what it’s like to live without a soul or a conscience (on second thought – I don’t actually want to know).

A little while ago, news came out that abortion clinics in Ohio were dumping the remains of aborted babies into landfills with the rest of the trash. Decent people were, understandably, rather upset by this fact. So, in an attempt to return a sense of human dignity to an industry that thrives on the dehumanization of actual human life, pro-life legislators in Ohio introduced a bill that would require abortion clinics to give the bodies a respectful burial or cremation.

The newly proposed bill would ensure that aborted babies’ bodies are treated respectfully, just as other human bodies are. Earlier in December, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that his office had discovered three Planned Parenthood facilities in Ohio appeared to be breaking the law by paying to have aborted babies “steam cooked” and then dumped in landfills in Kentucky. Ohio Revised Code (3701-47-05) requires that aborted fetal remains be disposed humanely.

And, like vampires that have been doused with holy water, the pro-abortion ghouls screamed bloody murder (oh, the irony) that such a bill would be introduced. With the expecting howling and screeching that “It’s not a baby!” and “How DARE you trample on women’s rights!” From the article –

Abortion advocates are fighting vehemently against the new bill. Sean Illing, staff writer for the liberal news outlet Salon, penned a column on Dec. 22 complaining that the proposed bill is a pointless attempt to shame women and restrict their access to abortion.

He wrote:

This is yet another politically-motivated attack on women’s rights. This won’t stop abortions, but it will make life for those who need them harder. And that’s the point. The cost of this measure, as the WVXU report notes, “would be passed on to the facility which could then pass it on the women being treated.”


“None of this is medically necessary,” says Gabriel Mann of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, “The only reason that these bills are being introduced is because they want to try to harass abortion providers and harass women that are seeking a safe a legal procedure.”


The bill also appears to be a petty retaliatory response to Attorney General Mike DeWine’s failed investigation into Planned Parenthood in Ohio. Inspired by the debunked Planned Parenthood videos, DeWine looked for evidence that the organization was selling the body parts of aborted fetuses. No evidence was found, and this proposed bill is how Republican lawmakers responded.

Um, people – the baby has already been violently cut out of the mother. The dirty deed has been done. This doesn’t take away your precious legalized abortion. You clearly don’t care what happens to this child. Why are you so darn upset about what people with Actual Souls want to do with the child’s body after the fact? Geez, you get mad when we advocate for adoption, you get mad when we ask that these murdered children be treated with respect. There is just no winning with you jackholes, is there?

Then again, trying to bargain with the devil never ends well. You have to tell him “Absolutely Not!” from the get-go. And the fact that abortion is a thriving industry is evidence that our society has utterly failed in that regard.