Harvard Republicans Mock The Social Justice Placemat. It Is A Thing Of Beauty.

Miss CJ

Remember we told you about the Harvard talking points placemat that the school’s office of “diversity, microaggression, and ZOMG – HELP ME, I’m being triggered!” (something like that) gave to their special snowflake students who can’t handle talking to their families over the holidays? (They really should have sent them home with a coloring book and crayons, honestly.)

Harvard Republicans came up with their own version of the placemat. And I have to applaud these guys and girls for their ingenuity and humor (you’d have to keep a sense of humor if you’re going to be a right-winger at Harvard) –

harvard gop

Much better. And they didn’t even need any crayons to make it.

My favorite is the one in the purple section – about how Harvard shouldn’t be shoehorn themselves into family discussions when the students are at home. I certainly wouldn’t want some holier-than-thou Social Justice Cultist from Harvard trying to pick fights while the rest of us are opening presents or enjoying Christmas dinner. Even if they are family.

Well played, Harvard Republicans. Well played.