Harvard Students Hate Their Families So Much, They Created Placemats Printed With Social Justice Talking Points

Miss CJ

Well, liberals wanted to ruin family dinners during Thanksgiving last month. Why shouldn’t they try the same with Christmas?

Campus Reform is reporting that Harvard’s Office for Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion (but only if you’re a transgender mixed-race quadriplegic believer in Asatru – okay, I made that part up) created a placemat that will help Harvard students going back to their EEEEEEEVIL bigoted families for Christmas deal with the inevitable political talking points that are sure to come up in conversation during dinner. Because people just LOVE to spend Christmas with endless arguing and debate. I’m sure that NOBODY is going to be talking excitedly about what they’re getting for Christmas, or planning the meal, or enthusing about a certain blockbuster sci-fi movie that most normal people have been looking forward since 2005.

Here’s the placemat (be warned – your eyes may roll right out of your head) –

hardvard placemat 1

See? It’s all right there! Nobody has to do any thinking or come up with their own opinions on these subjects! It’s better than Obama’s teleprompter!

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It used to be that Harvard produced some of the best and brightest minds in the world. Now, those minds are so fragile and delicate that have to hide behind talking points on a placemat when they’re talking with their own families over the holidays. I’m surprised these things weren’t written out in crayon.

Also, looking over this thing and some of the phrasing it uses, this automatically assumes that these students hate getting together with their families and they’re being encouraged to use this time to brainwash others into their liberal ways of thinking. When, honestly, their families are just trying to have a nice holiday together. It’s liberal antagonism at its finest.

Here’s a hint: If you’re bringing this inane crap to the dinner table during family celebrations, YOU’RE the one that the rest of us have to put up with.

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