Melissa Harris-Perry Is Having A Hard Time Accepting All Of This Islamic Terrorism Stuff

Hannah Bleau

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry is having a really tough time accepting this whole “Islamic terrorism” thing.

In fact, she has a problem with the way this entire thing “looks.” Like, media outlets should NOT have published photos of Tashfeen Malik in her hijab. That can’t be “what terrorism looks like.”

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“Also, right next to it [is] an image of the shooting suspect there in an hijab,” Harris-Perry said. “And the idea that, okay, this is what terrorism looks like, I…for me, that is a difference, and it is a material and meaningful difference in how we…so on the one hand again, I want to be able to talk about what the thing is that is terrorism. On the other hand, I have to reflect that this happens only for specific communities.”

Ah yes. What is terrorism intrinsically? Harris-Perry needs answers.

Also, she’s starting to get the feeling that we’re all praying to a God who’s “anti-Muslim” or something. Don’t you get a similar feeling?

“Check me if I’m wrong on this. I keep feeling that we think we’re praying to some kind of god that is anti-Muslim, counter-Islamic, and we consistently will see Muslims in prayer as somehow dangerous, threatening, as opposed to prayerful in sacred practice,” Harris-Perry said.

Geesh. Why is God so Islamophobic?

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