Transgender Girl Gets Mad At Straight Guys Because They Don’t Want To Date Someone With Male Parts

Miss CJ

According to this, there’s this reality show in the UK that’s called “Young, Trans, and Looking For Love” detailing the experiencing of three transgender teenagers (must-see TV, I’m sure). One of these teenagers, Claire, was born a dude but identifies as female. This clip from the show shows Claire going to the beach in a bikini for the first time (she’s wearing shorts over her bikini bottom, please note) and she’s looking for some “hot guys.” But then, they find out that she’s still got the male equipment under her shorts and… yeah… you can pretty much figure out where this goes –

Um… you seriously think that a straight guy is going to want to date a person who is biologically male? Stop and think about this for a second – you presented yourself as one thing and then you tell the guy that you’re something entirely different. And you don’t think a straight guy is going to be uncomfortable with finding out that you’re actually a dude underneath your girly facade? You honestly think that you’re entitled to a date from any guy you want, just because you grow your hair long, wear makeup, get hormone therapy (or however Claire grew her boobs), and put on a bikini?

And we don’t even have to go that far. It doesn’t matter if a relationship is straight, same-sex, transgender, or whatever – if you start it out by lying to the other person (especially if you’re lying about really big and important things), that relationship is not going to last long at all. That’s, like, rule number one in dating. Lying about yourself to your significant other is a big-time red flag. Nobody has to stick around and be lied to in a relationship. Even if the relationship meets some stupid social justice quota that’s supposed to indicate that “society has evolved” or whatever.

So dumb.