The Idiotic Hilarity Of This Facebook Page Absolutely MUST Be Shared!

Miss CJ

Holy crap, you guys – WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN WITH THIS??

There was once a time I would have seen something like this and thought they were being complete and total trolls. Sadly, I’ve seen enough Social Justice Cultists drink the Kool-Aid and actually believe this nonsense. And I can either curl up in despair at the abysmal direction our society has decided to go – or I can laugh at it.

So here I am. Laughing hysterically.

The Facebook page is called “Gaia’s Dancing Indigo Children.” At first, it looks like some kind of New Age-y, Scientology weirdness. The image at the top of the page is a nice blue-tone picture of aliens and dolphins and planets and all kinds of calming images. In fact, this is the page’s description –

Namaste! Welcome to Gaia’s Dancing Indigo Children Ashram and Holistic Healing Center. We can help you grow as a spiritual being in your human experience.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? That is totally fine on its own. You wanna believe in the Blessed Dolphin Goddess and the Flying Spaghetti Monster? You be my guest.

But then they interrupt the “OOOOO-WEEEE” space religion for social justice “Stop Having Fun!” crap like this –

gaia 1

Probably safe to skip any houses with this idiotic sign anyway. These are the kind of that killjoys give out carrot sticks to trick-or-treaters.

Oh wait – they actually DO! (probably coated in vegan sawdust) –

gaia 4

And then there’s this (someone wanna tell these folks that their spellcheck keeps misspelling “women”?) –

gaia 2

And if you were looking at the picture of unacceptable Halloween costumes and thinking “Well, I guess a witch costume would be okay” – NOPE! The acolytes of the Church of Cthulu’s Left Tentacle (Peace Be Upon Zhe) have put the kibosh on that one too –

gaia 3

Seriously. They’re taking offense at a witch costume. Ghosts and vampires and Frankenstein’s monster are probably off-limits too.

BUT WAIT (as they say) THERE’S MORE!

The admin of the Facebook page has a personal page as well, which she has kept public. And because people are calling this crap out and saying “Lady, you are NUTS!”, she’s crying about cyberbulling and how MEEEEEEAN everyone is for telling her where she can stick her stupid social justice whining against Halloween (Quick! Someone call the Sainted Anita Sarkeesian! Maybe she can get another bogus UN study out of this).  If you weren’t convinced of her insanity, there’s this quote directly from her page –

“Pregnancy in our society is typically an oppressive experience used by cismales to dehumanize and subjugate womxn.”

I’m… not even going to dignify that with an explanation of basic biology (human or otherwise). If the Glorious Mother Earth Goddess can’t be bothered to explain the concept of perpetuating life on this planet to her deranged wayward children, I’m certainly not going to do it.

If you’re bored, feel free to sift through the madness on that page. Gaia knows there’s plenty of hilarity to keep you entertained for hours.

UPDATE: 10/24/15 – Getting word on Twitter that the page referred to here may be satirical. For the sake of humanity, we hope so. But the fact that this level of crazy is so commonplace among progressives now that we can just never be sure, well, this is how we know we’re doomed.