One Tweet DESTROYS Both Anti-Gun And Pro-Abortion Arguments

Miss CJ

It’s always hilarious (in a morbid way) how liberals constantly defend the baby butchers of Planned Parenthood, but they froth at the mouth whenever the NRA is mentioned (or even when they’re not and there’s some criminal nutjob who has an illegal firearm and kills people and then liberals want to blame the gun. Because – as we ALL know – gun owner = NRA. All the time. Totally).

One thing that I do like about the #IStandWithPP Twitter avatar thing is that it makes it easy to identify the sickest pro-abortion liberals. Because when they talk smack about gun owners and the NRA, you wind up with BRILLIANT moments like this –

nra and pp

What’s the matter, Sarah? Can’t handle the honest truth?

Personally, I’d rather join the NRA and fight to keep my right to defend myself and my family, than support Planned Parenthood and get encouragement to murder my own children.