Parents – You NEED To Watch This Video


I have three children – two of with whom I lived through the teenage years and then there's my youngest, who is five.  What I've learned as a mother and stepmother is that even the best of kids with the most genuine of hearts do stupid stuff.  Heck, I did.  Didn't you?

Good kids make bad decisions as they go through that journey called childhood.  They screw up – it's part of the process. And parents just have to constantly, every SINGLE DAY, keep on top of them to make sure that we're communicating with them and annoying the ever-living-crap out of them to make sure that they understand the dangers of this world.   That's part our job.  To protect them as much as we can, while still allowing them a little breathing room to make enough of those bad decisions to learn – without hurting themselves too much in the process, of course.

The thing is – the world is dangerous place now – much more dangerous than when I was a kid, and now there's this extra layer of social media.  Which is why the video below is so eye-opening for parents like me.  It's yet another reminder that we HAVE to keep talking to our kids.  And people on the Internet are not always what they appear to be.   Hell – most of the Internet is just one big facade, for crying out loud.  It's like an episode of the Kardashians.

But back to people preying on your kids.  That's happening on the Internet.  Right now.  

Meanwhile, in some sick and twisted and disgusting corner of Salon, we're now supposed to treat pedophiles "like people with a massive handicap (they) must overcome, not monsters."  You know, because Salon and its compassion for pedophile op-ed writers.

Um, NO.  

Let me rephrase that.

Hell NO.

But I'll tell you what, Salon.  I'll raise my children in a compassionate household.  In fact, my kids are raised to be compassionate individuals who have empathy for others.  Conversely, they're smart kids who also know what a sick freak is.  And what the Second Amendment is.

And that's all I have to say about that.