Carly Fiorina Puts Out Her Own Video About The Planned Parenthood Video Claim…


RedDawn wrote about this last week.

And now Fiorina's camp has their own video out, too.  Apparently, the baby kicking in this video is a stillborn baby "used to show viewers what the second trimester babies from whom Planned Parenthood is harvesting organs looks like."

The left is still losing their minds, because they don't want to believe that babies just like this are being murdered every day in this country.  They'd rather ignore it.  Pretend it's not happening.  

Call Carly Fiorina a liar.  You know.

Read more at truth bothers people so much that they're simply unwilling to accept it.  

That's the thing about the truth.  Just because it's unpleasant, doesn't mean it's not so.  

This really is about the character of our nation, and not about the minutiae of a video.  Babies are being slaughtered in this country, and their parts are being sold for auction.  You're either OK with that, or you're not.

I'm not.