Joey McMensa’s Wife Has Given Him The Green Light….And We All Know What THAT Means….


According to this, Biden's wife Jill has said okee dokee to him running for president.  We all know that wives call the shots for both Democrats AND Republicans when it comes to these things.  Because War on…

Oh wait.

Anywho, if Biden announces that he's running around October 1st, then he'll more than likely get a slot at the first Democratic debate, which is on October 13th in Vegas.  But if he doesn't make his announcment until the cut-off deadline of November 5th, he'll be behind the momentum that the other-old-white-dude-that's-offering-free-crap is getting, IMHO.

So that would suck for him.  Because we all know that the lobotomized low-fos love the empty promises of free crap (see 2008 and 2012).  So my bet is on the next week or so…

But your mileage may vary.  

The Dems really want him to run.  Perhaps they are starting to realize that their field of candidates is starting to look pretty unappealing.

It's adorable that they think Uncle Joey is going to help.