South Park Goes After PC Social Justice Warriors With “PC Principal”…


I've respected the work of South Park since they went on the air 19 years ago.  I haven't watched it in a while, because I have a five-year old and a few jobs and 10 pm is late when you have to be up at 5:45 am most mornings.  But I did enjoy it when I used to watch it on a regular basis, mainly because they are super-politically-incorrect, they poke fun of celebridiots, they take on the stupidity du jour, and well – I can absolutely respect that.

Because AMERICA.

It's a beautiful thing that at least SOMEONE out there is taking on the social justice warriors of the world.  They have a new character named the PC Principal.  The season premiere is aptly titled "Stunning and Brave," the featured the "PC Bros" who are like a bunch of frat boys that run around bullying everyone to be PC.  

Here's the preview for it (they included Deflategate and Caitlyn Jenner, because of COURSE they did that):


And they've at least facilitated a discussion, right?  Which is those of us with Actual Brains would rather happen, I suppose – rather than become a nation where folks who don't necessarily fall in line lock, step, and barrel with the PC-brigade are bullied into assimilating like freaking lobotomized drones.