You Know What I Love?


This past weekend, I saw Inside Out at a local drive-in with my husband and 5-year old.  I'll admit – I got a little weepy at the end.  I'm a sap like that.  

It's hard for me to find movies that I can connect with these days, because so many of them are cookie-cutter or re-makey.  Many of you out there will know what I'm talking about.  It's as if so many movies are being re-done, because folks in Hollywood don't have creative bones in their bodies anymore.  

And then there's the skank and violence factor.  And listen – I'm the girl who has Diehard listed as number one on the list of favorite Christmas movies.  So, I'm not a prude when it comes to violence, but some of the newer movies rely SOLELY on violence and have nothing else.  It's obvious, and I'm both bored and a Mom, frankly.  With a young kid in my house, I have to filter and protect her from a lot of the garbage that's out there.  These are just a few of the reasons that I choose not to shell out my hard-earned money to go to a movies anymore.  I wait for Netflix.

What I do see as a trend these days?  Well, there has been an uptick in "God" movies.  You know, in the mainstream.  And I find that somewhat refreshing.  Especially in an overly P.C., we-can't-talk-about-God, and God-knows-we-can't-EVER-talk-about-God-in-Hollywood culture.

Movies about faith and Heaven have become "mainstream."  And they have "mainstream" actors.  And they're actually competing at the box office, which means that real people want to SEE these movies.  They want to take their families to them.  They CAN TAKE their families to them, and they can enjoy them together on a Saturday afternoon.  Go figure.

People like me.

And I know that there will be trolls who read this post and say otherwise – there always are.  Trolls love to spend their lives saying otherwise, because their lives are pointless, worthless, endless, wasteful pits of nothingness spent on sites like ours (when they could be spent DOING USEFUL THINGS).  But I know better, and you know better.  You and I both know that this phenomenon is a positive thing.

The fact that movies like this are gaining momentum – you know, like Heaven is For Real and God's Not Dead…to me, it means that folks are wanting more from their movies than just skank and violence and cuss words that they have to shield their kids from.  They want some HOPE.

And that's ALWAYS a good thing.