Jessica Seinfeld Wants You To Feel The Bern From Her Huge Mansion In The Hamptons (Bought By Capitalism)


And in today's celebrity hypocrisy news, I give you Jessica Seinfeld, everyone.  This gem was taken from Jessica Seinfeld's Instagram page (, and it begs the question, "Hey Jessica, why don't you just share all of your gobs and gobs of wealth today with all of those people who think it's not faaaaaaaair that you have it?" I mean, you don't need that dirty money that your husband made from that dirty capitalism, do you?  You don't need that ridiculous mansion in the Hamptons, and Jerry doesn't need his $15 million car collection.  And you don't need the $860 million that Jerry's made from, ahem, AMERICAN CAPITALISM.

Nah.  You go on ahead and sh*t on the very thing that gives you all of those luxuriously wonderful, expensive things, Jessica Seinfeld.  You go ahead and live in a world that others can only dream of and then tell others that they need to vote for socialism

And just think, y'all…lemmings will see the Instagram post below, and see Jerry Seinfeld's wife in that stupid shirt and use their two brain cells to think, "OOOH!  I'm going to vote for Bernie Sanders, because Jessica Seinfeld is rich and a celebrity's wife, and cooool!"  

And so it goes, folks.

Meanwhile, Jessica Seinfeld has $860 MILLION of her hub's cash to fall back on while the rest of us DON'T.  Some of us live in the real world.  Some of us understand that SOCIALISM DOESN'T FREAKING WORK.  Some of us know that it squelches the very core of what this country is all about – free markets, innovation, entrepreneurialism….FREEDOM from an overbearing government.  

But nevermind all that.  Jessica Seinfeld's got, like, a really super-cool shirt on.  And she's going to pick out which one of Jerry's Porsches to go with it, after she decides what kitchen to eat her designer quinoa in (eenie meenie miney mo…), after she blogs about jetsetting to Greece, all while encouraging her Feel-the-Berner BFFs to scream for some free crap, y'all!  

Because celebrities know what's best for us.

God help us.