This Isn’t Safe For Work, For Home, Or For Life. It’s Miley Cyrus. And It May Make You Weep For Humanity.


Upon first glance, this is a post about Miley Cyrus.  And I know, many of you will screech at me, "WHY ARE YOU WRITING A POST ABOUT MILEY CYRUS, Daisy?"

I have reasons.  There are always reasons, y'all.

It's newsworthy that Miley is the chick who hosted the VMAs.  And like RedDawn said the day after said VMAs, "we can’t stick our heads in the sand and ignore this kind of stuff anymore. It's not OK. I know conservatives get frustrated with us when we talk about celebrities and pop culture, but it matters. This is war, and conservatives need to gear up." 

And RedDawn is in her 20s.  So I'm not taking someone's ball and throwing it up on the roof here.  20-somethings get this, too.  (Well, the smart ones do.)

Which is why we write about pop culture every so often.  Which is why we've ALWAYS written about pop culture.  And we talk about it on the radio.  And we try to get conservatives to embrace it and get engaged in it and sure, mock it if you must.  You see, many conservatives believe that we can ignore it…stay above it….somehow brush it under the rug and by doing so, it will cease to matter in the grand scheme of things.  That notion – that belief – is one of the reasons we started this site 6+ years ago, frankly.  

We can't ignore it.  

Case in point?  Donald Trump – who is a reality show businessman – is now our top conservative candidate.  

The lines have intertwined between pop culture and politics – whether you like it or not.

At the VMAs last Sunday night, Kanye West said that he was going to run for president in 2020.  Many people thought this was hilarious.  On our radio show on Monday, I said that I thought he'd actually do it, and that the low-information voters (low-fos) in this country would vote for him.  Because this country is crawling with low-fo morons who look to MTV and Keeping up with the freaking Kardashians  and the Daily Show and E! for their political information.  See 2008 and 2012.  

Back to Miley Cyrus.  She has a new video out, and it's completely disgusting.  I included it below, and I'm warning you, it's not safe for work, for life, for anything….really.


This is the chick who MTV chose as their host for the VMAs.  A self-professed pansexual (I know, I had to look it up, too, because there's a new word every day) who will engage in any sort of sexual activity with pretty much anything/anyone (well, besides an animal, because we don't want to hurt animals or anything).  And wow – she likes pot a LOT, doesn't she?  And "freeing" her nipples.  And listen, she's totally not judgmental, but those conservative Christian folks are "insane motherf*ckers."   You know, according to her non-judgmental self.

She's good enough to be a role model for young women at MTV, though.  And feminists will surely exalt her.  Funny thing, though.  MTV is the network that glorifies girls and women being total skanks as early as they possibly can.  So I wouldn't expect anything less.  After all, that's what our feminist foremothers fought for, right?  They fought for all of us to be vapid and slutty and stoned out of our minds so that we could be uneducated morons who want to just toke up and party all day.

I mean, why on earth would our girls want to go out and be engineers or scientists or entrepreneurs or something like THAT, when they can be SKANKS?

Being a skank is just so much more empowering…right, feminists?  (Cue the complaints that I'm slut-and-stoner-shaming.  Predictable.)  

I know that she's all non-judgmental and stuff (as opposed to us conservative Christian motherfu*kers), but who looks insane now?  

Someone call her mother, because she desperately needs to give her child a bath.