Carly And Christie Duking It Out For The Main Stage….


The next big debate is coming up, and on September 10th, CNN decides who the big dogs on the stage will be.  Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie are apparently jockeying for a slot.  

I have my favorite, and I'm sure y'all do, too.  

According to The Hill:

Christie’s supporters are spending $1 million in advertising to solidify his spot, Fiorina is unlikely to be able to buy the ad time needed to help her climb enough in national polls to make it onto the main debate stage in two weeks, a GOP strategist said. 

But Fiorina's camp isn't lying down, and they sent out an email yesterday that asked for donations and said this:

“CNN has made it crystal clear that they'll do anything, even use funny math and nonsensical arguments, to keep a critical outsider voice — our voice — off that stage,” the fundraising email says, pointing readers to a large red "donate now" button. 


Since the last debate, Fiorina has been kicking some butt COMPARED to Christie – receiving 5 percent in each of the three national polls – while Christie has only averaged about 3 or 4 percent.   But not doing well enough to actually get on that stage, according to the source.   

Christie, on the other hand, has been putting out a bunch of ads on national security and how tough he is and whatnot, trying to secure his spot.  

Meanwhile, my head may explode if Fiorina isn't in this debate.  If she isn't, shame on us.