When A High School Band Was Barred From Playing A Hymn, This Is What Happened….


According to our friend Todd Starnes, high schools are under fire for incorporating prayer at football games.

At Brandon High School in Mississippi, the band was supposed to play "How Great Thou Art" during halftime, but couldn't.  So what did the fans do?  Well, see the video below.

I grew up in the South, y'all.  And we take our football seriously.  All I have to say is outsiders better not mess with it.  And you can go ahead and enforce your rules on the players all you want, but when it comes to the fans?  

Your rules are adorable.  

Bless your heart.


(Edited at 11 am on 8/25.  I had my schools from Starnes' article screwed up, y'all.  I apologize.  :-))