Satanists Launch A Counter-Planned-Parenthood-Protest Against Pro-Lifers…With Milk And Bad Hair


Awww. Look at the edgy and tough Satanists pouring milk on themselves and pretending to be in some sort of pain over it, y'all.  Protesting "forced motherhood."  And protesting those who don't agree with the fact that American taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for the murder of babies.

How very tough of them to employ "radical theatre" on a street with signs and dairy products.  You know, while human beings are having scissors jammed in their spines, then having their parts auctioned over salad and wine lunches while executives at Planned Parenthood make over half a million dollars a year (boy, those "non-profits" suuuuuure are profit-y, huh?).

On a side note, this entire group of people needs a new colorist.  Because damn.