These Christian Bakers Did The Most Awesome Thing In Response To Being Fined $135,000 For Refusing To Bake Gay Wedding Cake…


Remember Aaron and Melissa Klein – the owners of Sweetcakes by Melissa?  Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably remember that they're the owners of that bakery who were ordered by Oregon state officials last month to pay $135,000 in damages after they "declined to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple."

You know, because they're Christians, and devout Christians love, they forgive, and then they love some more.  They love those who persecute them.  They love those who don't love them.  Some of us have to try harder than others – some of us have to ask for forgiveness more than others.  But loving and forgiveness and loving some more?  It's what Christians do.

So they decided to bake 10 cakes, boxed them up, and mailed them to gay rights groups.   And this is what the cakes look like:

“We’re doing it in hopes that they can hopefully see [how] to understand us as being Christian, and why we believe the way we do — and why we do the things we do,” Klein said. “They don’t understand the things we do.”



“We wanted to have the cake represent freedom — that we all should have freedom and to live our lives the way we want to,” she said, noting that she believes gays and lesbians should be free to live as they choose.



“But I also feel like I should have the right to live the way I want to, and that should be my choice.”


Not that this matters to the gay mafia out there, but these people love other people – like I said above…they're Christians, after all.  And so they have no problem baking cakes for other people.  What they had a problem with was baking a cake for a particular wedding ceremony.  This was never about hating people on their end.   It was never about the people at all, for crying out loud.  It was about religious conviction.

It was, and is, about religious freedom.

I do believe that they have love in their hearts for these gay rights groups.  I believe that 100%.  

And I suppose we can all learn something from that.  Especially those who hold up signs and pride themselves on being the most loving and tolerant and open-minded and compassionate among us.