I Absolutely Agree With Trump On This…


Trump came out with his immigration plan the other day – it's a document that Ann Coulter has referred to as the "greatest political document since the Magna Carta."  

The dust is settling, and we're finding out what's in it, and one of the things is Trump's call to end birthright citizenship in the United States.  That's something that I wholeheartedly agree with.

Why, you ask?  Well, I agree with him when he says that birthright citizenship is the "biggest magnet for illegal immigration."

It simply is.  And it's basically rewarding illegal behavior.  We do that here in this country. We say, "oh, the two of you have done something illegal?  And then you've had a child after doing something illegal? Well, by golly….we're going to go ahead and give that product of your illegal behavior American citizen status. GOOD FOR Y'ALL."

Tell me how that's fair to folks who have been working their assular areas off for YEARS and going through all the correct channels to become LEGAL citizens….tell me how that's fair.

Per the Washington Examiner:

We reward bad behavior.  By the hundreds of thousands.  And don't get me started on the cost.

Watchdog groups say up to 400,000 children are born in the United States to illegal immigrants each year. If they are born on U.S. soil, they are entitled to citizenship under an interpretation of the 14th Amendment. Children of non-citizens who are born here can petition for legal status for their parents when they turn 21, which critics of the law say provides incentive for people to try to cross illegally into the United States in order to give birth.

And there are companies that make money off of birthright citizsenship.  Because why in the heck wouldn't they?  Some charge $99,000 to "weatlhy foreigners" to make sure their babies are born here in the United States:

“They give birth in one of the finest hospitals in Florida. While they’re here, they take tours, they’re provided a car service to be driven around to all the shopping in Miami, they give birth here, they’re children are now U.S. citizens – what do they do? – Then,  they go back to Russia, they go back to Venezuela, they go back to China and they live there until their kids … what they do this mainly for is when their kids are of college age, they want them to come to university in the United States, that’s the main reason.”

And the worst part is that it's freaking LEGAL.  They're just taking advantage of Americans.

Again….why NOT?

On this issue, I absolutely agree with Trump. Illegal immigration – and the people who take advantage of it, play the system, and stomp all over legal, taxpaying Americans and those who are LEGALLY trying to gain citizenship to this country – are sucking this country dry.  Something must be done about it, and if nothing else, Trump has started a crucial conversation for eventual action.

And in my opinion, children of illegals shouldn't be granted citizenship – simply because they're children of people who broke the law and managed to birth them on American soil.