Guess Which Candidates Are Crushing It On Social Media?


Not only is the Donald dominating in several polls, but he's apparently kicking butt on social media, too.  

According to this, he had 6.8 million unique visitors on Facebook just LAST WEEK.  Second to him?  The Hillionaire – with 4.6 million, followed by Feel the Bern (Bernie Sanders) with 3.7 million (August 9-15).  If you're wondering where all the Republican candidates are, the next one in line to Trump is Jeb Bush, who apparently had 964,000 views last week to rival Trump's.

Trump is tweeting and Instagramming like crazy, too – something his peers aren't doing as much.

According to the source:

Trump also tore it up on Twitter, gaining 100,000 new followers compared to Clinton’s new 45,000 in one week, according to Twitter.



Clinton still has more Twitter followers at 4.1 million, compared to Trump’s 3.75 million. But she’s choosy about what to post — with less than 1,400 tweets.



In comparison, Trump posts constantly with 27,500 tweets.



Trump and Clinton also lead with Instragram, the photo sharing program. Trump has 313,000 followers and Clinton has 228,000.


Love him or hate him, this is an area he does well – social media.  And it's one thing that Mock and I have been preaching out here in COTR-land for 6+ years.  Our side of the aisle HAS TO EMBRACE SOCIAL MEDIA.  The youngest amongst us do – you can't deny that – and they vote.

And unless you were living under a rock back in 2008, you'll recall that they were the deciding factor in an integral election.

So it may be wise for other candidates to take notes.  Or to just start integrating social media into their campaigns more…

Either one.