Need To See A Grown Man Cry And Dave Grohl Serenade Him? Look No Further.


I don't know if I've mentioned this (several times in the past 6+ years), but I'm a huge Foo Fighters fan.  So, you can imagine how much I loved this video of a dude who was caught by lead singer Dave Grohl – crying in the audience while the Foos were performing My Hero – so Grohl called him out and brought him up on stage. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Of course, there's a big ol' warning here – there's a lot of bad language in this.  So if you're at work or at home with little kids – IT'S NOT SAFE FOR EITHER.  You've been warned.  Grohl has the tendency to drop the f-bomb like Taylor Swift drops boyfriends.  You know.


It's epic, right?  

If you didn't catch it…here's the "transcript" (seriously, someone did that):

"Don't cry motherf—er, I know you're drunk, don't cry," Grohl can be heard telling the fan in a YouTube video of the performance flagged by Alternative Nation.


"Are you crying right now? You're f—ing crying, aren't you? I love you man, look at you, holy s–"


You know what, f— that speech I was just going to make, I'm singing this s— to you right now,"


" I'm gonna sing this f—ing song right in your face, man to man — prison style! I'm going man to man. Me and you, I want some real tears, you better sing it with me."


If you weren't a fan before, admit it – you kind of like them now.  Come on.