Trump’s Prediction For The General Election?


According to this, Trump thinks that Hillionaire is done.

And he predicts that it'll be him and Joey McMensa in the general election.

Imma let you chew on that for a second.

He also said that he's thrilled that he went up in the polls because of Fox.  You know:

“So I’m so honored because I went up in all the polls,” Trump said when asked about the recent polls. “In Iowa, I was in second place; now, I’m in first place. Now, the new polls came out from CNN; two of them came out where I’m in first place. It’s such a great honor. I love the people of Iowa. Love the people of New Hampshire. I’m going to Iowa this weekend, and I’m going to New Hampshire on Friday—which is tomorrow.”

He also told Breitbart that he'd basically clean house in the "Rust Belt" – Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan – blue collar places. 

About those blue collar states, he said:

“Those are my states.” 

But listen, y'all.  The McMensa thing may be a little premature, because there's chatter now on the left side of the aisle that Al McManBearPig may be in the running.  Yep.  Democrats are freaking out so badly over Hillz and the fact that she's old and possibly slammer-material that they're actually chatting about AL GORE.

And now I have to think about Trump versus Al Gore.  

I need scotch.