Rand Paul on Donald Trump: “He’s A Fake Conservative.”


I've always liked Rand Paul.  But I have to say – he really disappointed me in the debates last week.  He looked a lot like Scrappy-Doo, and it didn't do him any favors.

But in this interview, he's dead-on regarding a lot of things regarding Trump, specifically when it comes to conservatism and how conservative Trump REALLY IS.  A lot of folks are (still) coming at us four Chicks and accusing us of being RINOs simply because we don't support Trump lock, stock, and barrel.  Hell, they've called Mock and me RINOs since we started our site almost 7 years ago.  It comes with the territory. We've always laughed at those people, because we know what's what.   We know who we are and what we've worked for all these years. 

One thing people need to understand is that all four of us Chicks have different horses right now, and we all manage to respect and love each other – and we respect our free republic enough to know that we can actually do that.  You know, have happy little candidate preferences as individuals.

Interesting how that works when you're normal human beings.

Another thing?  You'd be hard pressed to find anywhere in MY past where I've supported Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton (or ANY Clinton, for that matter), gun control, or any liberal-leaning politician or idea.  

Seriously.  Look for it.  You're not going to find it.  But go ahead and try.  Again, I'll be over here, fighting every day, without fail, for conservatism.

(And I'm not even running for an office. Anywhere.)

I'm certain that you'd find the same background-check outcome with the three other fine conservative women that I work with on a daily basis.  (And I'm the one with the tattoo, mind you, so if you're not going to find anything subpar-conservative in MY record…)

But with Trump?  Well, the proof of anti-conservatism in his past is there, folks.  He may be conservative now – and listen, that's cool.  We LOVE converts.  We convert people all the time out here in COTR-land from liberal to conservative, and we welcome you.  You CAN SIT WITH US.  But there is nothing wrong with a line of questioning to ask someone about their past when they have a past that shows other political colors – especially when that person wants to be leader of the free world.  That's a big seat.  A very BIG, IMPORTANT seat.  When "conservatives" get their panties all up in wads about that line of questioning, I wonder about those conservatives, frankly.  I wonder how mushy their brains are becoming.  I wonder about their ability to think critically, and I start seeing flashbacks of all those masses of lobotomized people chanting "O-BA-MAAAAH" back in 2008.  

That was some scary crap, wasn't it?

So, my question is….if Trump is so big and bad and strong, then he should be able to handle questions about his decidedly non-conservative past.  He should be able to calmly and rationally answer questions – TO CONSERVATIVES – about the fact that he gave money to people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and that he had Hillionaire at his wedding (whaaa?).  He should be able to answer questions about why he thought Obamacare was a good idea once upon a time and why gun control was also a good idea.  To make him exempt from such questions makes us hypocritical, doesn't it?

Listen, y'all – the office of the POTUS is not a place for wussies.  Or people not willing to actually answer hard questions.  And I don't mean dance around them….I mean ANSWER them.

I personally don't want another four years of bulls**t and soundbytes.  I want someone who's willing to roll up her/his sleeves and GET TO WORK. 

Which is why Paul has some excellent points here.  That's all that this video is….it's not an endorsement for Rand Paul, for crying out loud (because I know I'm going to get that).  I already have a horse (with a VP and everything).  I just think he makes some great points here that people should ponder.