What Tattoos Would You Suggest For The Presidential Candidates?


The number of households with a tattoo-having person has doubled in the past five years.  According to this, "40 percent of households" reported having a person with a tattoo. And to get super-non-technical, about 25% of us Chicks on the Right have tattoos. I think that's accurate. I always hated math.

Anywho, you'd think at least one of the 1,684 17 GOP candidates would have a tattoo, for crying out loud.  

Perhaps that should've been a question in the debate last Thursday night.  It would've been fitting, given the tone of the evening, and I dare say that Trump may have actually answered it.

(Ha ha ha.  Just kidding.)

The Blaze went out and asked some artists what they thought would be fitting tattoos for the candidates, and this is what they had to say:

But I'm sure y'all have WAAAAAY better ideas.