Drudge Poll – Trump WINS.


Daisy here.

And yep.  There's a poll right now over at DrudgeReport that has Trump winning the debate last night.

He did have the most air time, so I guess that makes sense to some people, but to people who were expecting ACTUAL ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS (people like me), it doesn't.  It doesn't make any sense at all, frankly.

My personal favorites last night at the "big debate" were – in this order –  Rubio, Carson, and Cruz.  Christie surprised the hell out of me – I wasn't expecting ANYTHING from him, to be completely honest, and he did a bang-up job last night.  

And Rand Paul was a huge disappointment.  I wanted him to do well.  I did.  

And on the first "seven runners up" debate?  Carly.  Hello.  There's no competition there.  Take notes, boys, because that's how the grownups do it.  It's a complete SHAM that she wasn't center freaking stage at the big debate.  I venture to say that this Drudge poll would've been a lot different today had she been.

But back to Trump.  He's winning the Drudge poll, yet he didn't actually give anyone a straight answer on anything – but by golly, everyone sure loved his trumptastic runaround reality-show answers. Which remind me a lot of 2008 and 2012, frankly – they're just a different flavor of answers.  They're the Republican version, dontchaknow.

The rah-rah stuff is great, but the man needs to start answering some questions about HOW he's going to do the things he claims he's going to do.  When he starts doing that, then maybe I'll get on board. Until then, I can't.  I'm a data girl. I need more than just ideas – I need to hear the HOWs and the WHEREs and the WHENs.

I've been telling Mock for the past year, pretty much, that I've been holding off until the first debate to pick my horse.  And now I have two (that is, until they're booted out by folks who don't answer actual policy questions – and go ahead and call me a RINO….for the record, though, I've never supported Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or Hilary Clinton).

So, for the first time ever, I have a few horses.  Well, for today, anyway, because I'm seriously non-committal (especially to politicians).

Rubio/Fiorina 2016, y'all.  Let's do this.