Kevin Wants To “Free The Bacon”


I'm not going to lie.  I think this is funny.  One, because I've liked Kevin Bacon since Animal House.  Two, because he kind of has a tiny point in all the snark here.  I mean, women are naked ALL THE TIME in movies and now on TV (seriously), but when do you ever see dudes naked?  And three, because the word "weiner" makes me giggle.  I can't help it.  I have a 12-year old boy living inside me that occasionally laughs at these things.

We've talked about this women-are-naked-more-than-men phenomenon on our radio show before.  Mock is convinced that it's because "things dangle" on dudes, and dangly stuff = aesthetically displeasing to viewers.  To support her thesis, listeners have called into our show and informed me that dudes' twigs-and-berries just aren't attractive like female parts, and "Daisy, come ON, people just don't want to SEE THAT."

Alright.  Point taken.

Whatever the reason – and even if feminists make Bacon some sort of champion of freaking gender equality because of it – this video cracked me up.  

"Kevin, you're not even in this movie….why are you here, and why are you naked?"