If You’re An Illegal Immigrant In California, They Apparently Won’t Deport You….They’ll Do THIS INSTEAD!


I would say that the content of this video is FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE, but then I remember that it's California.  And nothing shocks me anymore.

Apparently, if you're an illegal alien, you can be appointed to a community board now.  No matter if you're sitting right there, in plain sight, BREAKING THE LAW with your name and face right there on a news story for everyone in the country to see (including Immigratons and Customs Enforcement…yooo hoooooooo!!!!!!).

Nah.  Never mind all that.  This is America.  And we don't honor our borders or our laws.  Who am I kidding?  I mean, Francisco Medina might as well just run for Senate or something.

Lo que sea.