“Abortion Is A Lie And A Betrayal To Women…”


We get letters like this one quite a bit.  It may be surprising in a world where liberal feminists try to make everyone believe that there IS no shame or regret in having an abortion – that women should get freaking t-shirts after getting them or something.  

But that shame and regret is real.  And this is a real letter from a real woman who experiences that regret (she asked to remain anonymous should we choose to share her story):

I wanted to share my story with you in the hopes that maybe it will help somebody.  Maybe my years of pain and shame will do some good.  I am a woman betrayed.  Abortion as a quick fix no muss no fuss my choice my body it's only a medical procedure is a LIE. 

I want to be clear up front.  No matter how it sounds I blame no one but myself.  I am the one who picked up the millstone and hung it around my neck.  I was 18 and getting ready to start college, with a boyfriend who didn't care enough to stand up for me and a family who laid a giant guilt trip on me that it would break my father's heart.  The decision was pretty much made for me and I didn't resist.   I don't remember much about the day of the procedure except being scared and alone.  That evening all my friends and family members deserted me and I was left to deal with the loss and pain alone.  So I buried it.  It is a burden I carry to this day, thirty two years later.  But I have a deep dark secret.  A second millstone, a secret so deep and dark no one knows about it except the uncaring boyfriend who gave me no choice (yes the same one, I was that dumb) and the doctor who treated me like dog waste.  The doctor who as he was snapping his gloves on asked if I had never heard of birth control. I wanted desperately to explain that I had only missed a couple of pills but I said nothing and endured his shaming.  I felt I deserved it.  I can hear his voice now like it was yesterday.  It haunts me.

Two millstones.  Two lives I ended because I was not courageous enough to stand up for myself.  And now I carry the weight of that guilt and shame every day.  Every single day.  Some nights I still cry myself to sleep.  I know Jesus died to free us from guilt and sin and I know I am forgiven but I still seem to take up those millstones again every day.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about those two days of my life and those two lives, how old they would be now, and on and on.  And yet, in the midst of the pain, I have hope.  The hope that through a life given over to Jesus Christ I will one day see those two precious children and hold them in my arms and be able to kiss them and say I love you and I'm sorry.  That hope sustains me. 

I am mightily blessed with a husband and adopted children now.  I was not able to have biological children but my kids are my life now.  I couldn't ask for more. 

Please share this if you think it will help even one person.  Abortion is a lie and a betrayal to women.  A millstone to hang around their necks. 


Yep.  We get letters like this quite a bit.  And if you're the one person that it helped, it was just worth sharing.