This Is Why Secret Service Agents Call Bill And Hillary’s Marriage A “Big Show And A Scam”…


Oh, Democrats.  Y'all just love you some Hillz, dontcha?

Especially you Democrat Chicks.  Hillary is their idol.  

Bless their hearts.

According to author Ronald Kessler, and secret service agents he interviewed and his new book, The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidentsshe and Bill basically are married on paper only and have the worst marriage ever in the history of ever, and Bill would rather shtoop anyone OTHER than his wife…so YAY YOU and your feminist idol, Democrat Chicks!  

Something to aspire to, huh?

Seriously – what is the point of being married?  I don't get it.  I mean, she's made approximately $30 million since 2014.  It's not like she can't afford either a couples therapist OR a good divorce lawyer.  What's UP with that?

We all know that Bill sleeps with everyone other than his wife and probably can't stand to be in her presence for more than five minutes – and apparently he has a "blonde, busty mistress, and she's been code named Energizer by agents."

That sure is empowering to women, huh liberal feminists?  (Why yes, I am talking directly to you, Ashley Judd.)

The saving grace here is that his big-boobed mistress is actually NICE to people, unlike that coldhearted seahag Hillionaire.  Go figure:

She comes in to the Chappaqua [NY] home whenever Hillary leaves. The details coordinate to make sure they don’t cross paths. She, unlike Hillary, is very nice to the agents. She’ll bring cookies.”

Like my pastor said last week in a two-week marriage series, "if you don't pay positive attention to your spouse, someone else will."

This ain't brain surgery, folks. 

I digress.

The marriage between Bill and Hillary?  According to agents (and the rest of us with Actual Brains), it's a "big show and a scam."

And Hillionaire is a hosebeast of epic proportions (my paraphrasing, of course).

“Hillary Clinton pretends to be this champion of the little people — she’s gonna help the middle class, she’s compassionate. But the reality behind the scenes is she treats her agents and others less powerful than she is with contempt. In fact she’s so abusive to her agents that behind assigned to her detail is considered a form of punishment,” he said. “That tells you something about her character.”

Oh yeah, it tells me a LOT about her character, alright.  And the tales in this book tell me a lot about BOTH of their characters.

Hey listen – if you're dieting this week, here's another tidbit from Kessler's book for you:  "Biden likes to skinny dip which offends female Secret Service agents."

You can skip your cardio today, because I know you won't be able to eat lunch now.  You're welcome.