An Ohio Judge Goes BALLISTIC On An Illegal Alien Who Was Arrested For Murder


Margaret “Peggy” Kostelnik was murdered in her home. Juan Emmanual Razo is the piece of human excrement – who also happens to be an illegal alien who has no business being in this country – who allegedly murdered her.  He also tried to rape her 14-year old niece.  And then he shot another woman in the arm while she had two kids with her.  

Apparently, he was "here illegally during a July 7 traffic stop, but Border Patrol ordered them to release him. Had he been detained, Kostelnik would still be alive."

Sounds ALL TOO FAMILIAR doesn't it?

Judge Michael A Cicconetti faced Razo in court, and was super ticked off to see that he had no identification, no papers – NOTHING to show that he is who he is. 

Actually, I think he handled this beautifully. I could never do this freaking job.

Because this Razo guy is a reminder of how absolutely DISGRACEFUL our immigration system is.  He doesn't even speak a lick of English, either, because the chick next to him has to translate every SINGLE WORD that is being said to him in the courtroom.  He has no business being in this country.  None.  And yet he's here, he took an innocent woman's life, wrecked several other lives in the process, and then he subsequently cost taxpayers a crap-ton of money.  Apparently, "more than 50 local police officers, Ohio State Highway Patrol aircraft, and K-9 units were deployed" to deal with him.

But nooooo.  We don't have an illegal immigration issue in this country, and that Donald Trump guy is a huge bigot, right?  And we don't need no stinkin' IDs!!  I mean, why on earth would we need IDs?  Especially to move about the country and prove that we are who we are?  

That would just be oppressive and profile-y and meeeeeean.

Oh yeah – and Judge Cicconetti set bail at $10 million.  Good luck getting that out of the ATM machine with your non-existent wallet, Razo.

H/T Breitbart