Co-Founder Of Greenpeace Makes Video About Why He Left Greenpeace….And Basically Why Progressivism Sucks


Patrick Moore is one of the co-founders of Greenpeace. And now he's bailed Greenpeace, because it's become overrun by progressive bullcrap.  Greenpeace – and the way it does business – is a MICROCOSM for progressivism.  Plain and simple.

My words. Not his.  But watch the video, and you'll see what I mean. 

You see, Moore is a scientist – he has a doctoral degree in ecology, and he thinks logically and scientifically and rationally and with common sense, and he approaches his work in that manner.  But the people around him do NOT have science backgrounds.  In fact, those kinds of backgrounds don't seem to be important at all.  



I mean, why on earth would you need data and science and rational thought when you can systematically use sensationalism, misinformation, and fear (with a weak audience) to attain your goals and promote your campaigns?

Saying that chlorine is the "devil's element" is a stellar example of this – it's progressivism at its finest.  Attach a persona to a thing – something evil to it.  Demonize a freaking ELEMENT, and make that your "campaign" to dispose of it through emotional warfare.  Damn the children who need to be fed.  Damn the pharmaceuticals who help YOUR kids.  Damn the innovation that came before us.  Damn ALL those advances.  

Because greeeeeen.  Or something.

Damn reason and logic and common sense…just trick the people with emotions.  And allow people who aren't qualified to DO that.  The people listening and nodding their heads like lobotomized sheep don't know the difference, because they, too, are void of scientific education and reason and critical thought.  If chlorine has metaphorical horns on it, it must be bad, right?

Yep.  Patrick Moore just explained a main strategy of progressivism.


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