This Is Why I Want Carly Fiorina To Be In The Top Ten…


Emily's List VP Jess McIntosh looks like she's barely on a middle school debate team in this video.  And Carly Fiorina just BRINGS it, y'all.

It's 15 minutes long, but since I'm antsy that Fiorina may not make it to the top ten in the debates – mainly because we have about 8 recycled dudes that have NO BUSINESS RUNNING AT ALL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD – I literally ate this debate up with a spoon.

I especially loved the Planned Parenthood part – around the 4-minute mark – where she nailed it.  And you can see in her face, when she hears the executive from Planned Parenthood yapping about selling baby parts over lunch, that she actually HAS A SOUL, where McIntosh is just wide-eyed and unaffected.  It's as if she's not hearing anything.  Nothing.  Vapid city.

It speaks volumes about the two sides on this issue, really.  And about a lot of things…

Then they spar about federal funding of PP around the 11:30 mark.  Another good snippet.

But seriously – the whole thing is great.  And Fiorina is a BOSS, and she nails the last 30 seconds of it. DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD.  I think that's a splendid start in cutting the fat, indeed.

Now if we can just get her in the ring with Clinton, I'll be a super-happy girl.