Christie Goes Totally Christie On Dude Who Accuses Him Of Being Anti-Gun…


This exchange at a town hall meeting inside a community college auto shop in Ankeny, Iowa this past Saturday shows Chris Christie being, well, Chris Christie.  And wow.  Holy short fuse.

A dude stood up and said, State gun rights groups from here in Iowa, Minnesota and even to Georgia have sent out some emails recently saying that you’re very anti-gun when it comes to the Second Amendment. So, my question is, How are you going to ‘New Jersey’ gun owners into thinking that you’ll be anything other than a ‘President Michael Bloomberg,’ if you become successful?

It's a legit question – perhaps phrased a little weird, but legit, nonetheless.  

Now keep in mind that this isn't even a debate.  Or an actual crisis.  It's a town hall, for crying out loud.  And just a question from a dude in the audience.

I want to love the passion here, but I'm not going to lie – I found myself feeling a little concerned about Christie and found the Mom in me saying, "alright…everyone just CALM DOWN."

That can't be good.